Listen to your body – listen to your mind – and get the message.

VIVIS Health Management

Life is about feeling good. This includes physical fitness as much as a contructive and positive mindset. VIVIS supports you to bring both into a balance.

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VIVIS Health Management – founded by Viviane Schmitz.

Viviane offers 25years experience in healthbusiness. She’s an expert in combining physical capacities and mental beliefs. The result is a powerful mix of selfconfidence and strength for the challenge that is called life.

Life is more than not being ill. And it is great to feel healthy, young and positive.

Vivianes philosophy: think in options, feel your options and live your options.


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VIVIS Health Management works mainly in St. Moritz, Switzerland and worldwide, wherever you like to get ready for a healthy and balanced life. Further more you will find office rooms in Chur.